Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a child led method of working with children who have social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. Most children don’t have the words to talk about their experiences; however; they are able to express themselves and show their feelings using the language of play. 


 With the use of the Play Therapy Toolkit and a safe, confidential space; the child or young person is able to creatively explore their inner world and work towards resolution.

Play Therapy Can Support:

My Role as a Play Therapist is...

To consistently interact with the child throughout our sessions in an open, accepting, and respectful manner which allows us to build a trusting relationship.

Boundaries are set between myself and my client to determine an understanding of how we use the space, their input in this is important to me.

I to remain non-directive In the early stages of therapy, which means the individual can choose what and how to play in the room in an unrestricted way. I will follow their lead and participate in their play when invited. I provide observations and reflections to help my client to learn more about themselves and their world. 

Once a relationship has been built and a direction of where the child is open for their sessions to go, I may then start to implement more directive and structured play to help them to work through what they are bringing into the space.

My Background

Before and during my first degree in Early Years Education, I had a range of different experiences from working in schools to contact centres and assisting to provide therapeutic support to children and families who had experienced Domestic Violence.  A combination of my character, own life and these academic experiences led me into training as a Play and Creative Arts Therapist with The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC).

I noticed a lack of urgency and importance for the looked after and children in care that I worked with to understand how and why their path led them to a new home. And so; in 2022 I decided to train in Therapeutic Life Story Work to support them on their journey of knowing their story.

More recently, I studied  DIR Floortime to be able to provide a more thoughtful and accessible service to those children who are Neurodivergent.

I am extremely passionate about letting children be themselves. I aim to bring understanding and exploration of their emotions and inner world in order to help the individual to overcome anything that is holding them back from living a full and happy life. Having a good rapport with my clients is very important to me too and like to keep an element of fun in my sessions when I can.

To do this, I know that providing a holistic service is beneficial for each client. I am trained in Parent Child Attachment Play (PACP) and my practice is NVR-informed (Non-violent resistance parenting) and to be able to support the parents and professionals around my clients so that we can collaboratively meet their individual needs.


I work with individuals face to face in schools. Play Therapy Sessions can be from 35-40 minutes and take place weekly, term time for at least a 12 week period. This period of time can be longer dependant on the clients needs and will be determined at the referral stage with regular reviews. I enjoy providing a well rounded service working closely and providing support to parents and professionals around my clients. I can be flexible and try my best to work with the needs of the school.