Please note: This is the referral process for private clients and children being referred from outside agencies, such as Social Services. If you are interested in a service for your School please send me an enquiry, as the process begins slightly differently.

Stage 1: Initial Contact

  • (Optional) I can offer a free 15-minute consultation call, for you to initially assess if my counselling service offers the right interventions for the child or young person you are referring. Contact Us to schedule this.
  • (Mandatory) You will need to complete the Rubix Therapy Ltd Referral Form and send to [email protected]. If the person completing the referral form is a professional, verbal consent will need to be gained from Parents/Guardians to progress with the referral and release the child’s identifiable information to me. You can download  the Rubix Therapy Referral Form Here.
  • If the referral is accepted, you will receive an estimate quotation for the work to be completed.

Stage 2: Consultation

  • Before any Therapy can commence, I need to make sure that doing so is in the best interests of any child, young person, and family. This means that I will need to complete some form of assessment.
  • At this stage, we will schedule a Virtual or Face to Face Meeting to start the Consultation process where a full history is taken to better understand the difficulties your child or young person may be experiences as well as learning more about your child. This process usually takes 1 Hour.

Stage 3: Therapy Package and Consent

  • Once this meeting has concluded you will receive a final quote for the work to be completed as well as contracts and permission forms for you to sign and return.
  • Typically, 12 Therapy sessions are recommended as this allows time for the client to explore their difficulties and to build trust in the therapeutic process. For some clients 12 sessions may be long enough, though some may need 24 or more. Please Note: Life Story Work can be much longer.
  • At this stage the first Therapy session will be scheduled.

Stage 4: Reviews and Closure

  • We will review your intervention at around week 8 and discuss what we (refer, parent/carer and therapist) feel would be best for the client; to come to an end or continue the therapy.
  • Once work has been decided to end it is usual for the parent/guardian to receive a Final Report to be completed, this will highlight any ongoing recommendations for the client.

Data Collection

If you are interested in Data, a Goodman’s Strength, and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) can be completed at referral, review, and closure of any piece of work. If you would like this to be included, please request so during the initial consultation stage.