NVR Parenting

Non-violent Resistance Parenting (NVR) is a gentle but effective approach that aims to alter the dynamic between adults and young people by changing the adult’s interactions with the young person, instead of changing them. Adults can still achieve the desired change in the situation, even when young person refuses to participate in interventions by changing their behaviours and interactions through NVR.

NVR can be used with children from around 5 years old, up to adulthood. It can be used by any adult in caring roles to resist violence, aggression, coercion and control in families, schools and other healthcare settings. NVR has proved effective with neurotypical children and with all different families, including foster and adoptive families.

All of my therapeutic work is NVR-informed.

The Ultimate Goals for NVR are:

"Connection Before Confrontation"

NVR Pillars of Strength:

Central NVR Principles:

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