Life Story Work

What is Life Story Work?

Most commonly, Life Story Work can be carried out with children/young people who are in the care system or have been adopted and have little understanding of their previous life. However, a life story book can be a powerful way to celebrate the individuality of any person, their past, present and future life.

Life Story creations offer individuals the chance to address and understand feelings and memories that have been buried away. It can be a sensitive way to broach traumatic events and gives children the chance to explore and process their experience. Information is also gained from those around them to help fill in any blanks in their story.

A new understanding of such events can be developed and may change their internal self-blaming story. It can create distance from the power of the event, understanding and acceptance around their history. 


In addition to looking at the past, a key part of Life Story Work is to celebrate the child or young person in the present. We look at their achievements, hobbies, current support systems and friends as well as their hopes for the future. 


At the conclusion of the work the child/young person will be given a Life Story book to take away with them as a visual representation of the work completed.


This work can take some time, energy, and effort. The pace, progress and timing is child-led. However, it is an investment piece which has the potential to be life enhancing and confidence generating.

Rubix Therapy Life story works

Benefits of Life Story Work include:

Next Steps

If you feel that this type of therapy would work for your child or young person, the first step is to check out our Referrals Process and complete a referral form.

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