Creative Counselling

Creative Counselling is a method of working with adolescents who have social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties using talking therapy alongside creative interventions, such as creative journaling, poetry, mediation, and The Play Therapy Toolkit.

Creative Counselling Can Help Children and Young People to:
Rubix Therapy Creative Counselling Sessions
Who is Creative Counselling for?

My Role As A Therapist...

Is to consistently interact with the adolescent during their session in an open, accepting and respectful manner, allowing us to build a trusting relationship. Boundaries are set between myself and the individual to determine an understanding of how we use the space, their input in this is important to me.

Next Steps

If you feel that this type of therapy would work for your child or young person, the first step is to check out our Referrals Process and complete a referral form.

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